Formerly Medical Service Bureau

For more than 80 years, we have served the community, offering assistance to individuals and families who are low-income, uninsured or under-insured and without resources to pay for prescription medication and vision care. That mission and purpose is unchanged.

We wanted to update our name to better reflect the services, opportunities, and hope we provide to hundreds of people in our community every single year.

Our name has changed. Our compassion never will.


How We Help

Many individuals and families in our community struggle to obtain basic necessities some of us take for granted. They often have no prescription or vision care insurance; nor do they qualify for government programs. With limited resources, these medical needs can go unmet. While there are resources in our community to help, we often don't know where to start or how to access those resources. At Cairn Health, we connect people to available resources and we deliver important services to low-income or fixed income persons of all ages, whether they are children, families, adults, seniors, or persons who are working or may have been laid off, are experiencing homelessness or others who have temporarily fallen on hard times.

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Our New Name

A cairn is a human-made stack of stones, that serve as landmarks or trail markers. While they can often be pretty to look at, their typical function is to help travelers find their way in remote, often featureless, confusing areas. Coming across a cairn during a trek inspires a sense hope and confirmation that you’re going the right way.

We adopted “Cairn” as our name, because we believe that we serve the same purpose: helping people find their way through the confusing world of medical care. Our team is here to help our clients uncover the direction in which they should be moving, point them in the right direction if they lose their way, and serve as beacons of hope through the journey.