Cairn Health works to help people access needed health and social services through community navigation and by providing access to vouchers for prescription medications and low-cost vision care for low-income people in Sedgwick County, Kansas.

As an independent nonprofit, Cairn Health participates in many community coalitions and collaborates with partners throughout our area to assist our community in accessing medical care and social services. The Board of Directors and staff at Cairn Health feel strongly about what we do and the difference we can make in peoples’ lives if we work together. The need is great. Our programs are provided by dedicated staff, caring volunteers, and are crucially supported by generous donors like you.

Programs & Services

Programs provided to low-resourced individuals include: 1) providing essential medical prescriptions and supplies, 2) vision programs, and 3) education programs, with emphasis on prevention, medication safety, and proper disposal of unused medication. Cairn Health provides service to uninsured and under-insured individuals; the majority of clients are seniors (60+), homeless individuals, adults who have a mental illness, low-income children and youth, and low-income Hispanic families. 

Prescription Vouchers

Cairn Health purchases essential prescription medication from local pharmacies for individuals in need to improve their health. Common critical prescriptions included heart medication and psychotropic medication for mentally ill adults. In addition, the agency provides supplies for those in need to improve their health, including 1) vitamins, especially for pregnant moms and growing children, 2) diabetic supplies (test strips and insulin syringes), 3) first aid kits, and 4) general hygiene items. 

Cairn works with local pharmacies to provide emergent medication needs and medical supplies for clients when it is determined they cannot pay for their medications or cannot obtain them through governmental or other social service programs. Cairn does not cover the cost of prescription medications in the following general categories: acne, birth control, controlled substances, injectables (non-insulin), cosmetic, narcotic/habit forming, smoking cessation, substance abuse or addiction treatment medications, or weight control meds.


Vision Programs

We refer clients to local optometrists for low-cost eye exams after determining the co-pay amount for the client. Clients then pay the optometrist directly for the eye exam at the appointment. If the optometrist writes a prescription for glasses, Cairn Health can provide a voucher for the glasses through one of our partner optical shops. If a client already has a current prescription for eyeglasses, we can still help with a voucher for glasses.

Children 18 years and younger and adults diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, or a medical eye condition can receive help with an eye exam and glasses once per year. Otherwise, adults may have eye exams through this program and glasses (as needed) once every 2 years.


Community Navigation

Through Community Health Workers, Cairn Health provides education about disease prevention, medication safety, and proper disposal of medication. Cairn Health works to make sure each client is aware of all resources available to help them. We work to create a welcoming environment where you can come for counsel and referrals in addition to our traditional voucher services. We work within the community to stay abreast of new services, classes, or programs that can benefit our clients so we can pass on that information.


Initiatives & Campaigns


Did you know Cairn Health:

  • Serves all ages, children to seniors, individuals and families
  • Helps clients navigate a complex system for accessing prescription meds, vision care, diabetic services, and other community services
  • Attempts to fill gaps in prescription coverage clients may have from insurance, Medicaid, or Medicare
  • Advocates for clients, treating them with respect and dignity at all times in all interactions
  • Is located where city bus transportation is available for those who do not have private transportation


SPOT - Vision Screening:

Cairn Health was given a SPOT Pediavision screening device so we could help local schools, child care centers, churches, and other organizations throughout the year to provide vision screens. We have screened tens of thousands of individuals with this device over the years. Schools or organizations may inquire about availability by contacting Cairn Health

Health Fairs

Cairn Health partners with many area agencies and coalitions within our coverage area and participates in health fairs and other community events to reach those in need in our community whenever possible, including:

  • Asian Wellness Day (traditionally in Sept/Oct)
  • Café con Leche (annually in September)
  • Convoy of Hope (annually in July/August)
  • Medical Mission at Home (annually in April)
  • And many others… watch our social media for additional dates throughout the year.