Cairn Health works to help with social services through community navigation and by providing access to vouchers from prescription medicine and low-cost vision.

Prescription Assistance Program

Cairn Health partners with over 50 pharmacies.
Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, and CVS Pharmacies Excluded

Diabetic Supplies

Supplies based on availability. 

Glucose Readers

Accurately monitor your blood sugar levels with our easy-to-use glucose readers.

Insulin Syringes

Administer insulin effortlessly with our fine-gauge insulin syringes for comfortable injections.

Test Strips

Ensure precise readings with our reliable test strips, compatible with most glucose meters.


Experience minimal discomfort with our ultra-thin lancets designed for painless blood sampling.

Alcohol Swabs

Maintain hygiene and prevent infections with our pre-moistened alcohol swabs, perfect for prepping injection sites.

Vision Program

Cairn Health partners with eight eye companies.

Free to low-cost eye exams

We help with the cost of glasses

Vision & Hearing Screenings

Items Needed to Apply For Services

Currently severing Sedgwick, Reno, Harvey, El Dorado Residents.