Persons eligible for Cairn Health Services:

  • Live or work in Sedgwick County, Kansas
  • Do not have insurance for prescriptions and/or vision care or need assistance with copays
  • Are not receiving governmental or other social service assistance for the services they need
  • Have a monthly income of 150% of the federal poverty guideline or less (issued generally in February of each year for the following year)

Required Documents

Applicants must come to the Cairn Health offices and complete an application for service. No appointment is needed. Applicants/clients are seen on a first come, first serve basis during Client Service hours. See our location (link) page under Who We Are for details on client service hours.

Applicants must bring the following (Note – all clients must renew their application each new calendar year and all required documents must be presented from the last 30 days):

  • Proof of household income for the last thirty (30) days for everyone in the household, which might include pay stubs, unemployment statements, social security statements or letter, pension statements, or any other form of documented source of income
  • Identification documents for everyone living in the household, which might include a driver’s license, picture ID, birth certificate, work ID or card, or other identification documents; for children a birth certificate, school records, shot records or school ID may be used
  • Address verification which may include a rental agreement, an official item received in the mail with the applicants name within the last 30 days, or other documentation approved by Cairn confirming the address
  • Documentation of any insurance coverage including KanCare, private insurance, Medicare, etc. for all household members
  • A written prescription from a physician or a printout from the pharmacy